Wifislax 3.0

Wifislax is a Linux distribution, focused on WiFi security, based on Slax and the whole production upon the BackTrack distribution, which provides a set of tools, drivers and functionalities with which every needed test on the field of wireless security can be conducted.

The main aim of Wifislax is to enable its users, both professional and home users, to check the level of security in WiFi deployments, by means of different tests and reviews provided by the incorporated applications.

One of the most interesting and useful aspects of Wifislax is the set of incorporated drivers which support the chipsets in the wireless cards used in the devices, for instance, the ipw2200 drivers, the r73 in the USB cards with chipset ratlink, or the rt61 in the new PCI, which lack of support in other distributions. Besides, both menus and tools have been translated into Spanish, which is a very important matter when being operated by beginner users.

BackTrack tools are organized in these groups:

  • Blue-tooth.
  • Chipset.
  • Current and Classic Suite.
  • Wireless.
  • Networks Security and Assistance.
  • Encryption.
  • Complements.
  • Browsers.

Wifislax brings a wide range of possibilities when testing different aspects of WiFi security, access passwords quality, MAC change, wireless configuration, automatic connection, and networks cookbook, decryption, Bluetooth scanner, etc.

As it is developed for BackTrack, Wifislax includes all the tools in this distribution, besides broadening those related to wireless and Bluetooth, in terms of number and functionality. Although most tools are operated by a command console, graphic launchers, translated into English for a better understanding and usage, are also included.